Basic Polish grammar

Have you ever looked at a book of Polish grammar? A comprehensive Polish grammar contains about 600 pages. So, you can't possibly learn it all. The rules are complicated and full of exceptions.

This grammar reference mainly includes general rules based on the Pareto principle. It is not complete and do not cover all exceptions, but is enough to understand how many Polish sentences are constructed.

Adjectives simplified A simplified table of adjective endings
Cases in Polish An outline of the cases
Days of the week Days of the week using the accusative
Nouns Simplified A simplified table of noun endings.
Possessive adjectives My, his, hers etc
The genitive case. Nouns Forming the genitive of nouns
The genitive case The genitive case indicating possession
The instrumental case An outline of the instrumental
The instrumental with Z Z meaning 'with' and example sentences
The locative with W W followed by locative with examples