The Polish preposition W followed by the locative

The Polish preposition w when followed by the locative case is translated by in or at.

The locative is the most complicated of all the Polish cases, and is used when describing location.

The endings of the locative at first appear to be almost random, and the best way to become comfortable with using this case is by ear and through examples. The rules are too complicated to memorise and use.

Kiedy ostatni raz byłeś w kinie? When was the last time you went to the cinema
Mój przyjaciel mieszka w Niemczech My friend lives in Germany
Mieszkam w Rzymie I live in Rome
Mieszkam w Londynie I live in London
Mieszkam w Krakowie I live in Krakow
Jestem w parku I am at the park
Jestem w banku I am at the bank
Jestem w sklepie I am at the shop
Jestem w domu I am at home
Jestem w pracy I am at work
Jestem w teatrze I am at the theatre

Example sentences