Romanian agreements. Cât

In the Romanian language, adjectives agree with nouns.

And so do certain other constructions, one of which is cât 'how much or how many'. The ending of cât depends on the gender and number of the noun being described.

Masculine Feminine Neuter
Singular cât câta cât
Plural câți câte câte

Absorbing the rules through exposure to the language is more effective than trying to memorize huge chunks of grammar and the Romanian sentences contain many examples using cât such as:

Câte limbi vorbești? How many languages do you speak?
Cât de des scrii scrisori? How often do you write a letter?
De cât timp înveți limba engleză? How long have you been learning English for?
Câți ani ai? How old are you?

Limbă 'language' is a feminine noun, and limbi is a plural.
An 'year' is a masculine noun, and ani is a plural.
Timp 'time' is a neuter singular noun.

Examples with 'cât' and illustrating its agreement with nouns, are scattered throughout the sentences and some are found:

Câți ani ai?
De cât timp înveți limba engleză?
Câte limbi vorbești?