Romanian indirect object pronouns

If you use a phrase like indirect object pronouns, most people will pretend to listen politely and think about Netflix.

But, in Romanian, you need these to say 'I like', 'You like' and so on, and put like that they seem much more friendly, especially with sentences.

The sentences have examples with audio, and by learning 'I like to travel', 'What do you like to do?' and so on, you will have already learnt the most important of the indirect pronouns.

to me îmi
to you îți
to him, to her îț
to us ne
to you
to them le

And a few examples (from the sentences) ...

I like to talk with friends on the phone Îmi place să vorbesc cu prietenii la telefon
What do you like to eat? Ce îți place să mănânci?
He doesn't like to watch television Lui nu îi place să privească la televizor