Romanian plural nouns

In general, masculine nouns end in i, feminine nouns in e, or i and neuter in e, or uri.

dog (masculine) câine dogs câini
cat (feminine) pisică catspisici
beer (feminine) bere beers beri

The above rule, is very, very general and there are various possible changes in the plural.

Masculine nouns may change the final consonant.

child (masculine) copil children copii

Feminine nouns ending in an ă, change the ă to an e.
house (feminine) casă houses case
table (feminine) masă tables mese
Or an i ...

How do I learn Romanian plurals?

The easiest way to do this is to focus one thing at a time. For, example once you know that feminine nouns ending in an ă, change the ă to an e in the plural, look out for them whenever you are reading or listening to Romanian.

After a while this becomes obvious, and you will see feminine plurals everywhere.

Focus on the next type of plural and so on.

Some people prefer formal grammar exercises to do the same thing, which is essentially recognising patterns. Each to their own. Horses for courses and so on.

Everyone learns differently and there is no right or wrong. Personally, I prefer to gradualy absorb rules through learning sentences and understanding the relevant constructions.