Just relax and enjoy the ride.

I just noticed/remembered/panicked over my rather ambitious goals for Polish, and starting to realise that they are likely to be unachievable for me over this time scale.

After a brief panic, I decided not to stress over this to much and just enjoy the ride. I’ll get there eventually. I’ve got a dog to walk, work to do and so on and so forth. I’m enjoying learning the language. I’m in no hurry. In reality, I’m unlikely to speak it much outside of Skype and my Polish class but who knows?

So what about conversational Italian?

I’m certainly improving much faster so I think the B1 level is definitely reachable by the end of the year. I can string sentences together and bit by bit they are making more sense. I’m finding it easier than Polish by an order of magnitude. Maybe this will change given time. Once again, who knows?

I’m pretty sure that I’m a more efficient programmer than language learner. But then I’ve put my 10,000 hours into that particular activity.

Incidentally, this is why all the content on SL is professionally produced.





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