Where I go from here?

We have all heard of SMART objectives haven’t we? Right ! RIght ?

Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Timely.

These are the things I don’t have in relation to this site or to anything really. Until now.

The four objectives  I have for the following few two months (see uncertainty creeping in already) are :

1. Add a Portuguese section (european variety) to Surface Languages .

2. Add Malaysian to Surface Languages.

3. Add a very cool language learning game to Surface Languages.

4. Objective four has nothing to do with SL. I’m going to learn an extra 200 Polish words.

There is one  caveat and that is being able to find someone to do the audio for Malaysian (at a price I can afford) which might not be straight-forward.

The date is 13 April 20013. The clock is ticking.

Wish me luck.



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