Italian dictionary. Coming soon …

I’m been kind of obsessed with adding dictionaries (and just as importantly) dictionary games to Surface Languages for some time now. It has proved more difficult than I imagined:(

Difficult but extremely interesting in a nerdy sort of way. I am a geek so this isn’t a problem, but it has still been time consuming, and I have other things to do. Once the first dictionary is up and running, I’ll update anyone who is still with me on my Italian and Polish learning. Loving both – but guess which is easier?

Luckily, the summer still hasn’t started, so I haven’t been distracted by wanting to spend too much time outside. Apart from morning walks with the hound, and the odd bit of compulsory lawn mowing.

Oh. And I have some pots … Geraniums mainly ..

So, where am I dictionary wise?

Well, there is a hidden Italian dictionary on the site. As the functionality isn’t complete, you can’t find it from any menus.  But, I hope to have it finished by the end of this week or next depending on what else I have to do in the meantime.

And then on to dictionary games!

I intend to add lots. Yes, I am the sort of person who reads dictionaries for fun, and it strikes me that dictionaries and word search games are like raspberries and cream, hand and glove, carne y uña, and so on. (I learnt that last one recently).

Adding dictionary games will be like a walk in the park (on a summers day) and I can’t wait.

Pax to you all,


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