Romanian language crossword

The clue is in the title really.

What with it being a bank holiday here in the UK, and me having time on my hands, I thought I’d *quickly* add a Romanian crossword and so on to the word games.

The code was already written (and tested) on Polish, Spanish and Italian. So what could go wrong? It would work straightaway and I could return to my normal bank holiday pursuits.

Well, it turns out that Romanian has a large number of diacritics.

I knew this already, but didn’t know how many. Each diacritic requires a special piece of code so that the comparisons with or without diacritics work correctly.

The Romanian word for cat pisică has a diacritic on the a.  The crossword needs to be able to treat piscia and pisică as the same word. This allows the solver to choose not to enter diacritics (which can be tedious on some gadgets).

I thought I had handled all the different diacritics when adding the Polish crossword.  Polish has a lot of them. So for example, in Polish ę needs to be treated as e or ż as z.

But it seems that Romanian has more.  Romanian has (for example) the aforementioned ă which needs to be treated as an a.

A few lines of code need to be amended.




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