Assimil. Polish. Day 6

It is rapidly becoming clear that completing an Assimil lesson a day in only half an hour is going to be testing.

The difficulty is that Polish words don’t by and large have any relation to English words, which makes remembering them difficult. Lesson 6 which contains by way of illustration the word nadzieja (hope or expectation) and miejsce (place).

My memory is average and without constant reinforcement, I don’t retain new language. Tengo memoria de mosquito 😉

I don’t have time to spend more than half an hour a day on this, and so to increase my chances of success, I’ve made a play list containing all the lessons I’ve completed.

I’m going to listen to this while walking the dog. The next three months are going to be painful – mainly for me –  on the walk.

Well. No pain. No gain. No-one ever said this would be a walk in the park. Apart from said hound.

On a positive note, I like the exercises at the end of each lesson which show how you can combine elements that you have already learnt to make new sentences.

Back in the real world, and as we are having something of an Indian summer, I have the back door open. Cool eh!

But all I can hear is swearing from builders who are working on a roof  some distance from our gaff.

Perhaps they don’t realize how far sound travels. Take note kids!



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