Assimil Polish. Day 7 and the secret project

Day 7 of Assimil Polish.

Luckily the seventh lesson is a revision lesson, designed to consolidate knowledge.  I’ve used my half hour today to go through lesson 7 and revise the previous six.

Half an hour was not long enough and I ended up spending an hour on this, and also listened to these seven lessons while on the morning dog walk.

I’m starting to understand and enjoy the Assimil method and intrigued to see how much Polish I will  learn during in the next 93 days.

My only gripe is the half hour a day. The introduction to the book ‘Le Polonais’ clearly states ‘En général, une demi-heure por jour suffit’. Now, that might be enough for gifted linguists or anyone who is familiar with other slavonic languages, but for me it is not enough.

I suspect that the half hour is sufficient if you are learning one of the romance languages (as an english speaker), but for Polish it isn’t.

That said I like the short dialogs and will spend in as long as I need to finish this is 93 days.

The Secret Project

The ‘Secret Project’ will be *partially* revealed tomorrow.

Other Stuff

I learnt the Spanish word for toilet today. I mean the white throne within the room itself, not the name of the room which is  ‘retrete’.  The word (used in Spain is inodoro). There is a thread on this on the wordreference forums.

Due to a strange set of circumstances I need to know further and somewhat specific toilet related Spanish vocabulary.

My life is truly wild and exciting.



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