I was just settling down to do my Polish homework.

Kind (normally) people e-mail me periodically, with all sorts of helpful comments, suggestions and so on for Surface Languages. Thanks doods. I appreciate it.

I attend a weekly Polish class, and every now and then we are set homework, and every now and then I do it. Having left this to the last minute, I was just settling down to start (and finish) said homework, mentally girding my loins as it were, when I received an email with some rather cool suggestions for this site. Thanks. The idea is sparkling and I will certainly add it at some point in the future. Sadly, this line of thought has derailed my focus, and the Polish will have to wait. Perhaps, this is why some people learn languages quickly, and some dawdle? Who knows.

So, I am a programmer. A geek at heart. I can write assembler and twiddle bits. (I think the parroty error joke is hilarious). Ha!

But still, I have only so much spare time and I am working on another top secret project. And so this (uber cool) addition to SL will have to wait until after christmas. Or possibly longer.

Don’t read the next bit as it is really to help me remember what I am doing:

Use PHP and not Ruby. Installation of the Ruby environment is schifo.
Use Sqlite and nothing bigger to start.
Don’t get distracted by this amazing watch app that I’m itching to write.
Keep is Simple (Stupid). KISS. Let us say it again. KISS.
Get something working quickly.

It is the watch App that might derail me. I am by trade a games programmer and this idea is the dogs.

Ph34r my l33t coding skills!




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