So long Polish (for now)

I’ve been learning Polish for two years or thereabouts, and I’m now going to take a break from it. I feel kind of bad about this, as  my progress has been limited and I haven’t learnt very much. It is entirely my own fault, because while it is a difficult language, it is not impossible.

Polish now longer seems unfamiliar or unnatural for me. I more or less understand how the language hangs together, and could (I think) make rapid progress if I started learning intensively.

But …

… I don’t need to speak it, and I haven’t had enough drive or commitment. I don’t have Polish friends, nor live in Poland. I can’t motivate myself to put in  the necessary hours in to be able to use it effectively.  This may change in the future, but for now boh!

Conversely, I’ve fallen for Italian, which I only started learning as a distraction,  So, today (when I should have been learning Polish) I’ve listened to the radio in Italian and read Dylan Dog (in Italian). I like speaking Italian, and have weekly language exchanges. I’ve learned expressions like ‘L’erba del vicino e sempre più verde and how to use brutte parole. I’m improving. Pian piano. Slowly.

And so (relunctantly), I’m going to put my Polish learning on hold for a while and may (or may not) return to it at some point in the future.

There is also the small matter of time. If I’m learning Polish, I can’t play with other languages …

And naturally (as someone who runs a site like this), I have a hankering …

Besos and baci,




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  1. anthony says:

    Like you said, you don’t need to speak Polish or have Polish friends or live in Poland… good reason to move on. I work with a Polish guy who immigrated to the USA 3 years ago. He speaks fluent English, which he learned here, and never heard him speak Polish. A woman we both know speaks Russian and Polish, and they always speak English.

    Learning the four popular horizontal languages is always good. English, Spanish, French and Italian. Hey MoonFace… when your in Rome… do as the Romans do.


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