Sup doods.

Well, so, I have stopped learning Polish, and being the sort of person who thinks about these things (and tries to understand my own personality) , have wondered why and where I went wrong.

In part I’m fairly sure that I don’t have the time/capacity to learn multiple languages well. I think I can handle two maximum. So I will carry on improving  the Spanish and Italian that I know and play at learning others.

There are many outstanding linguists and polyglots out there.  I am not one of them. I have read that there is no language talent or innate ability. I’m not so sure.  I can only learn so many words. And then it is one word in, one word out.

Anyway, enough of that,  I am interested in languages and don’t want to confine myself to Spanish and Italian.

And so for the next few months will play at learning Romanian.  If I can remember a few dozen useful words and phrases at the end of say, err, September and retain them I will be happy.

I put far to much effort into learning words in Polish that I would never use. I happen to know the word cockroach in Spanish and Italian (cucaracha and scaraffagio) respectively but then I learnt it in Polish. Why?

No. From now on, with my play languages, I’m going to be far more selective. Out with the cucarachas and scaraffagi) and in with the ciao, adios and la reverede. (Goodbye in Romanian if you didn’t know).

So I will play with Romanian until the end of September and see where it takes me.

I’ve recently added sentences in Italian (and Polish) to surface languages. Learning sentences is a really, really great way to increase your vocabulary and improve your fluency.  Coming soon will be French and Romanian.  I hope.

I’m also intending to write some sort of sentence learning app which I’ll add to the app stores at some point.  Intending means that I haven’t actually started but I’m building up momentum, and as the sun has turned to rain I might begin soon.

Programming (for me) as is learning Latin, is often more of a winter activity. Unless it rains.

Besos, baci & pax,


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