To duolingo or not to duolingo

that, my friends is the question.

I’ve been using duolingo over the past few weeks to practice my (extremely) weak Polish. I’d heard a lot about duolingo but never used it.

I can tell you it’s great fun. I can now say (in Polish) :-

Koń je ser  ‘The horse eats cheese’

I also know other useful phrases like ‘I hear voices’ or ‘I am not a woman’.


It is certainly a good and (very) addictive way for building vocabulary, but I’m not convinced that it is much more than this, which by the way, that makes it worth using, when you have a spare moment.

I wouldn’t use it as my primary method of learning a language, more as a fun addition, as the phrases you learn, are not those that you will use in a normal conversation.

Anyway, I’m using it to increase my Polish vocabulary, when I have a spare moment. I like it. It is free, and it is definitely addictive.  I want to finish my Polish language tree!  After that I will use Duolingo for Romanian (when the language is added).

So, to answer my own question, the answer is ‘to duolingo’ but as a supplementary method of language learning,  when for example, you would be surfing the net, wasting time reading blogs and the rest.



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  1. Yasmin says:

    Oh, I’ve just started to learning polish in Duolingo, it’s sad that they don’t offer really grammar rules, ~this is the reason I found your blog~.
    And when I read your phrase “Koń je ser ” I laughed loud, because the pronunciation is like “to know sth/someone” in Portuguese lol.

    Did you use other platforms while you were learning polish? I took a look in Busuu and I found it kinda good, it has more usual phrases than Duolingo, at least at the beginning of the course.

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