Oh dear!


Following a referendum, it appears that the United Kingdom (my country) is leaving the EU.

I think this is a terrible mistake.  I voted to stay and so did many of my friends. But there is nothing I can do about this. We are leaving, and in part (it seems) through fear of differences and immigration and a yearning for a mythical past that never existed.

I don’t like the hostility that the referendum has stirred up. It makes me sad, and worry about the future direction of my country.

I’m no politician. I don’t have any answers, but one thing I know is that  communication helps. If you speak a few words of someones language, it is much easier to identify with them.

So, to help celebrate the linguistic and cultural diversity that we have in the UK (for the moment),  I’m going to add sentences in one of the lesser spoken languages of the EU over the coming month or so.

I’m leaning towards either Bulgarian of Lithuanian.



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