My five romances. Or maybe four ..?

romaniaI was wondering recently how many languages that I can realistically learn to a B2 level on the CEFR scale given the time I have available. I like languages and language learning, but I also have other interests and hobbies, and my so my spare time, like everyone else is limited. I have maybe an hour a day free which I can invest in language learning.

Somewhat arbitrarily and answering my own question, I think  the number is …


But which five languages should these be?

Two of  my five language slots are already taken by Spanish and Italian.

The third language is going to be French, which I’m currently learning. I have found a good teacher on italki, and in addition I’m using Français Authentique as my primary learning method. It is extremely good, and as it is primarily oral can be used wherever and whenever you have a spare moment.

I am convinced that by the end of next year, I will have attained a B2 level (or thereabouts) in French.

But which other languages should or could I learn?

The possibilities are German, Afrikaans, Polish, Russian and Romanian.

Russian is appealing, but almost one million people in the UK speak Polish.

German would be useful to me as I hear it fairly regularly.

Romanian while being a romance language has around twenty percent slavic vocabulary. It has interesting grammatical features.

Decisions. Decisions.

I’m moving towards Polish and Romanian.

Anyone who reads my blog will see how I dither and flit in general, but the real positive over the past few months is that I’m really working hard on French. I’ve made huge progress and I am loving it.



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