Polyglot people

Sup All?

I briefly created a site called Polyglot People to scratch a coding itch, and to experiment with a ‘different look’ and a more ‘mobile first’ style of design.

I then decided that it was pointless having a separate site for what was essentially a new front end to the sentences on Surface languages.

After all, there is no rule telling us that a website should be identical on every page, and there is a certain homogeneity about many wordpress sites that makes the internet a less interesting place.

So, warts and all, Surface languages, continues to be at the forefront of the anti style movement, and will over time proudly embrace its idiosyncrasies.

And with that justification out of the way, I’ve given Polyglot People a new home here on Surface languages itself.

Currently it doesn’t work, but I will fix this soon (ish).

Baci & Besos,


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4 Responses to Polyglot people

  1. Yossi says:

    I’m really impressed by the quality of the content and I was wondering if it’d be possible to buy downloadable language packs like, all the sentences and audios for Russian and/or Romanian. Thank you very much.

    • moonface says:


      I’m glad you like the site. I don’t sell anything and have no plans too, but you could try glossika. I think that site has some free sentences/audio that you can download and use (I’m not sure though), as well as paid content.



  2. Ecmo says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say that this website is really helpful!! Keep it up dood! 🙂

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