What should I do now?


It’s been a while, and I hope that you are all keeping well. I’ve been extremely busy and am metaphorically putting pen to paper as I can’t decide what to do next (language wise).

Let me set the scene with a few factual sentences setting out the situation.

I have been learning Croatian for about two and a half years and have reached a lowish B1 level. It is a difficult language, and needs time and effort to improve. B1 to B2 would take me another two years.

I learnt a few words of Croatian before a visit to Croatia, and enjoyed it so much that I continued.

We had planned to visit Croatia again in 2020 but due to the pandemic changed our plans instead to visit this summer (2021).

This is looking increasingly unlikely as the pandemic rumbles on.

If we don’t visit Croatia this year, it is unlikely that we will visit over the following two years (for various reasons that I won’t bore you with).

Following this thought process, our next likely visit would be in 2024!!!!

This is hardly a disaster in the overall scheme of things, and I fully appreciate how lucky I am to be thinking about something so trivial, but from a language learning perspective it has knocked my motivation.

I love the Croatian language, but I need a purpose to learn a language, and various visits were the purpose and motivation to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I can’t decide what to do.

Much as I love the Croatian language, I’m not sure if I can continue learning in a vacuum.

Learning a language is never pointless, but personally I need a reason to help me continue.

I’m leaning towards maintaining my level of Croatian, and maybe language dabbling with purpose over the coming year.

Besos i Baci,


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2 Responses to What should I do now?

  1. Mark Henry says:

    Hi Moonface,

    Nice to see your blog back online, I missed its wide ranging foreign language learning topics.

    As far as foreign travel is concerned this year, I guess many of your blog followers are in the same situation as you and can’t really plan overseas holidays very much.

    We will all have to wait until more countries have the corona virus under control before we can do any serious holiday planning.

    I myself have also put off an overseas holiday this year.

    Keep up the blog input.

    Mark Henry

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