Poner a prueba


And today a little Spanish for all of you multilingual types out there.

I sometimes have difficulty remembering which preposition to use with certain Spanish phrases having a different preposition to the one we use in English.

And I happened to use poner a prueba earlier today, and wondered whether a was the correct preposition.

It was and knowing this:

poner a prueba

to put to the test

isn’t a particularly good example as the preposition a is the same as we use in English. It doesn’t take much remembering.

In the same sense, a picture is worth a thousand words, an example is worth a thousand explanations.

The example I found for you is:

Y la historia de hoy es de cómo esa mente racional de Johanna se puso a prueba.

This was from Radio Ambulante and from a tale entitled El Hotel Embrujado (food for thought if you can understand Spanish).

Se puso a prueba makes poner a prueba look like a reflexive verb. It isn’t. It is in fact a passive, or at least that is my understanding.

Besos, baci et Pax,


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