Free writing


Writing every (week) day is surprisingly difficult. I always think that I have a lot to say (or maybe just talk to much).

The concept of free writing is one where you just bang out whatever comes to mind, and needs some practice.

I’ve discovered that two types of freewriting exist.

We have Type 1 where you write continuously about subject without stopping. We also have Type 2 where you write continually without stopping while focused on a specific topic.

Type 2 appears more relevant to me.

Additionally, you are not meant to stop and correct grammatical errors, and should set a timer for an arbitrary time. I’ve chosen 15 minutes, and will correct grammatical errors when finished – see below.

My Blog in general isn’t visited by large numbers of people – unlike Surfacelanguages itself which has around 500,000 monthly page views. Most the ‘hits’ as it were come from specific and niche entries either to do with Latin parsing or the occasional Spanish phrase.

Other than that the most recent entry is generally read by reasonable numbers of people. I’m guessing that they (you) have clicked on one of the references to this blog from Surfacelanguages.

There are enough of these random visitors, that I will be checking for grammar!

Let’s see how the writing flows:)

Sometimes, I will still write about language related topics which grab me. I’ve got one in mind about Italian islands. Generally, islands in Italian are referred to using a unless they are big, in which case in is used.

Besos, baci et Pax.


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