I’m fed up. Sono di cattivo umore. Tengo la mala uva.

Sometimes I read all these frankly tediously upbeat blog posts about language learning, personal growth, how to overcome any obstacle in ten easy steps and so on and so forth.


My mood today is not suitable for all this relentless optimism.

Don’t these people ever wake up, smell the coffee and think ‘better stay in bed. It is probably safer and more productive’?  Don’t they every lose their way in life? Don’t they ever just want to scream?

They must feel like this. Life must at times get to them. Sometimes they must spiral into a negative ego state or some sort of good mood death spiral. Surely no-one is optimistic all the time.

I’ve not even had a bad day. I’ve just in a bad mood. I have no excuse for it. I’m just being self-indulgent, petulant and spoilt.

And to make matters worse, the icing on the cake as it were,  I’m going to have to make mashed potatoes.

Even worse it is a Monday which means alcohol free for another few days. Two days consecutively to give the liver a fighting chance according to the quacks. And so three to be safe?  If it was a Friday (for example) I would go out and have a few sherbets.

Thanks for reading. I would like to say I feel better now. But I don’t. I probably will tomorrow.

If anyone has got this far, I’ve been working on Polyglot People over the past few weeks. It is almost done apart from content. Click on it at your own peril as there are definite bugs. Of course content is the major obstacle for a site of this type, but the coding is almost complete.

I’ve also got a translation for some Icelandic phrases which I hope to add over the coming days/week depending on events which are as normal outside my control.



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